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About me

My name is Jelle Mooi, owner of Jelle Mooi. With more than 4 years of experience, I have worked for major social media channels, artists, companies, charities, and brands, both nationally and internationally.


After graduating as a Graphic Designer, I started doing something completely different. I am currently studying as an International Leisure & Events Manager, where I can express my passion for music and the festival sector and I hope to continue this in the near future. With a creative view, a lot of imagination, and a good eye for detail, I hope to find a position within the event industry after graduating from my current study.


I currently work as an all-around freelance graphic designer and accept all commissions I receive, both internationally and nationally. I am specialized in surreal photo manipulation but do accept any other creative expressions. I believe that a creative process starts when there is a story behind it. Storytelling is key, only when this story, your story, is completely correct, I translate this into the design that suits you. This does not just stop with a logo but continues in all kinds of expressions like photo editing, corporate identities, web design, 3D - design and short videos, manipulation art, short movies, product design, and much more. 


Feel free to take a look at my gallery and for further questions do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help you.

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